large window panel window frame wooden windows and blinds

Stylish wooden windows

So that your home stands out

Hand crafted wooden window frames for all fittings in your home

Are you looking to bring your property to life? If you want your home to stand out on your street, then a bespoke window design can help. Specialising in wooden window frames, you can choose from an array of different materials and styles to complement your building.

Our window fittings

What can we do for you?

 •  Front windows and back windows

 •  Frames for all sizes

 •  Bespoke wooden window frames

 •  High quality materials for durability

 •  Range of different styles

 •  Competitively priced for convenience

If you're planning a home extension and need someone to design and install the window fittings, we can help. From small windows to large windows with multiple panels, we can design bespoke window frames for your home.


The windows for your property will be designed to your specifications and built to last for many years in all weather conditions.

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