door handle on wooden door bespoke interior door bespoke double door

Bespoke door fittings

For inside and outside your home

Style matching your interior doors for your home refurbishment

If you're going through a home refurbishment and want a new look for your doors, we can help. Whether you want different doors for different rooms or you'd like them all to match, our service is catered to your tastes. Using your choice of hardwood, we'll hand craft bespoke doors to complement your home's design.

Our tailored door installations

You choose your style of


 •  Style matching

 •  All door fittings or just one

 •  Wooden doors for all sized doorways

 •  Front doors and back doors

 •  Door installations and door replacements

 •  Tailored design

When designing your home, you get the say on how everything looks. From the style of wood to the design of the door handles, we'll make sure everything is catered to your tastes.


The materials for your doors are built to last for many years, whether you want us to fit doors inside your home or you want exterior doors.

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